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Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Hello, I am Monica Grimbles. I recently tore up all of the grass outside of my home to create a fully edible landscape. The ability to eat all of the plants growing in my garden helps my family's journey to self-sustainability. After all, relying on the supermarket may not always be an option. Even if it is, the food you grow in your yard just tastes and feels so much better. I also like that I do not have to tend the grass to keep the yard green. I change out the plants each year to keep the yard looking fresh and renewed. I will share my plant selections, planting techniques and tools on this site to help others create an edible landscape. I will also discuss all of the ways our professional landscaper helped out with this fun project. Please come back soon.

Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

    3 Methods For Getting Rid Of A Troublesome Tree Stump

    Getting rid of a tree stump does not have to be painful, as long as you know the best ways to approach the situation. There are a number of reasons you may want to get rid of a tree stump -- perhaps it is infested with termites, wasps or other pests. Maybe the stump has become an eyesore, or you just have other plans for that segment of land. Regardless of your reason, you will need to address the stump removal in a prudent manner.

    Things To Consider When Planning An Outdoor Kitchen

    Outdoor kitchens can add value to your home, but the kitchen needs to be functional in order for it to be of any value. That means that your outdoor kitchen needs some careful planning. There are plenty of things to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen space. See below for some helpful tips to consider before making this addition to your outdoor space. Location The location of where you put your outdoor kitchen should be convenient.

    Three Tips To Help Use Timbers And Wood In Landscaping Design

    If you are renovating your landscaping, lumber from places like ML Condon Company Inc can be a great material to use for different features like retaining walls, paths and structures. If you want your wood features to last longer, you will want to do things like use certain woods, sealants and moisture barriers where they are needed. Here are some tips to help you with using wood in landscaping design features:

    Successfully Landscaping Your Home's Windy Yard

    If your home is located in an area that is prone to excessive winds, it is important to choose landscaping plants and trees that are able to withstand the wind with minimal damage. Utilizing wind-resistant landscaping options will help to reduce the amount of damage and maintenance necessary for your yard after large windstorms blow through. It will also help to ensure that your yard always looks its best. Here is some information to help you select wind-resistant trees and plants for your windy yard:

    Start Improving Your Soil's Drainage This Summer

    Soil drainage is critical for the healthy growth of many plants. When soil doesn't drain properly, water settles into the ground around the roots of the plants, then it stays there. Over time, this leads to a condition gardeners know as "wet feet." Many plants respond to wet feet by developing root rot, which cuts off the plant's ability to take in nutrients, stunts the plant's growth and usually leads to premature death.

    A Trio For Your Garden's Health: The 3 Forms Of Professional Landscape Trimming

    When it comes to your landscaping, there is no "best time" to trim your shrubs, hedges, and trees. Each specimen has its own timetable for peak pruning. It is possible to have a lawn service out once a year to cut all of your landscape plants back at the same time, but to have the healthiest, most show-stopping flowers and foliage, you'll want to have trees and shrubs trimmed throughout the year

    Edible Landscaping : The Ultimate In Locally-Sourced Food

    Looking for a unique and practical new take on backyard landscaping? Try blended gardening, a style of gardening both for decoration and for growing edible plants. Growing in popularity, the practice of landscaping with things that can be eaten makes gardening both enjoyable and fulfilling. How can you get started with edible landscaping? The Skeleton Start with the 'bones' of your landscaping -- trees, bushes and hardscaping. Flowering fruit trees provide shade and focal points to gardens while also being an easy source of food for your table.

    Tips For Creating A Water-Wise Garden

    A yard filled with colorful, ornamental plants adds curb appeal to your home. If you live in an area that is drought prone, you may think that a lush garden will be hard to create and maintain. However, there are many aesthetically pleasing plants that can grow in dry conditions and not suffer under full sun. The following guide provides tips on creating a water-efficient garden that will survive a drought.