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Hello, I am Monica Grimbles. I recently tore up all of the grass outside of my home to create a fully edible landscape. The ability to eat all of the plants growing in my garden helps my family's journey to self-sustainability. After all, relying on the supermarket may not always be an option. Even if it is, the food you grow in your yard just tastes and feels so much better. I also like that I do not have to tend the grass to keep the yard green. I change out the plants each year to keep the yard looking fresh and renewed. I will share my plant selections, planting techniques and tools on this site to help others create an edible landscape. I will also discuss all of the ways our professional landscaper helped out with this fun project. Please come back soon.

Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

What Do You Need To Know After Getting The Lawn Hydro-Seeded?

by Eugene Jones

You might be tired of having a lawn full of bald spots or dead grass; hydro-seeding can offer you an effective solution for those problems. Hydro-seeding allows the lawn to be sprayed with a dense mixture of water, much-needed nutrients and seeds so that beautiful, healthy grass can grow again. However, if you're not careful, your lawn may not look any better after hydro-seeding and you might be confused and disappointed. That's why it's a good idea to consider the following information after the spray so you can have a full, green lawn again.

Pay Close Attention to Hydration

One of the immediate mistakes that homeowners make after the lawn is sprayed is to assume that the hydro-seeding mixture is adequate to grow an entirely new lawn. You may not water the lawn more than usual, if at all, and that could be an eventual reason that hydro-seeding doesn't seem to work well.

Even after the spraying, it is vital that you always keep the lawn hydrated. Taking time to water the lawn throughout the day is important to helping the seeds take root and thrive. If you cannot be around to hydrate the lawn more than once or twice because you are at work, you can ask relatives or neighbors to handle the task. You might also ask a landscaper about a sprinkler system for that purpose.

Don't Hurry to Put Down More New Seeds

When you look out the window and see that bald patches remain on the lawn, you might assume that the hydro-seeding spray did not work properly and decide to get new seeds and put them down on the ground. This can be the wrong thing to do and could cause further problems. Why? It's possible that the seeds in the hydro-seeding spray have simply not had enough time to root the way they need to. If you put more seeds in the soil, they will compete for nutrients. As a result, nothing may grow there.

Remember that not all of the seeds will germinate at the same pace; give it a few weeks before you try to add more new seeds to any bald spots. If you feel you need to take action in some way, be sure to ensure that bald patches get a bit more water.

Having more information about what to do after the hydro-seeding spray has been applied to the lawn can help you to ensure the process works well. Talk more with a landscaper for more suggestions.

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