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Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Hello, I am Monica Grimbles. I recently tore up all of the grass outside of my home to create a fully edible landscape. The ability to eat all of the plants growing in my garden helps my family's journey to self-sustainability. After all, relying on the supermarket may not always be an option. Even if it is, the food you grow in your yard just tastes and feels so much better. I also like that I do not have to tend the grass to keep the yard green. I change out the plants each year to keep the yard looking fresh and renewed. I will share my plant selections, planting techniques and tools on this site to help others create an edible landscape. I will also discuss all of the ways our professional landscaper helped out with this fun project. Please come back soon.

Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Consider Hiring A Civil Engineer For These Types Of Residential Projects

by Eugene Jones

If you're building your dream home or starting a renovation project, it might benefit you to hire a civil engineer before you start your project. Civil engineers design, plan, and monitor building improvements and new construction projects, so hiring one can give you specific insights on whether the things that you want to do will work well. Discover what type of home projects would benefit from hiring a civil engineer.

Obtaining Necessary Permits

Chances are, you don't know much about obtaining permits. It's a process that overwhelms a lot of homeowners. However, civil engineers are used to getting the permits needed to finish specific projects. They know exactly what paperwork is needed to obtain specific permits, as well as how to prepare the paperwork. So, hiring a civil engineer to help you dot your I's and cross your T's can relieve a lot of your stress. Also, your civil engineer can work as sort of a middleman between city employees and your contractor. This way, everyone involved in your project always has a clear understanding of where the project stands.

Creating Landscaping Plans

If you want to design a new landscaping plan for your home, a civil engineer can be a huge help. A civil engineer who's working with you on a landscaping project will make sure any retaining walls needed are stable and meet all of your city's requirements. He or she can also inspect your home's current drainage system to make sure that you don't need any additional features, such as a French drain, to drive water away from your home, as well as make sure you aren't planting any shrubs, flowers, or trees in areas that are restricted by your city.

Working on Sewer and Septic Projects

You should consider hiring a civil engineer to review your plans if your project involves installing a septic system or connecting additional sewer lines. In most areas, the public health department has stringent rules that you have to follow when working with sewage systems, so that waste doesn't damage the environment or contaminate drinking water. Your civil engineer will ensure that your project meets all of the necessary requirements in your area.

Even though civil engineers typically work on large building projects, they can be very helpful during residential construction and renovation projects as well. So, whether you're revamping your landscaping design or you're building a new house, you should consider hiring a civil engineer like those found at Down Cape Engineering Inc to help with your project.