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Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Hello, I am Monica Grimbles. I recently tore up all of the grass outside of my home to create a fully edible landscape. The ability to eat all of the plants growing in my garden helps my family's journey to self-sustainability. After all, relying on the supermarket may not always be an option. Even if it is, the food you grow in your yard just tastes and feels so much better. I also like that I do not have to tend the grass to keep the yard green. I change out the plants each year to keep the yard looking fresh and renewed. I will share my plant selections, planting techniques and tools on this site to help others create an edible landscape. I will also discuss all of the ways our professional landscaper helped out with this fun project. Please come back soon.

Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Why You Need A Pergola

by Eugene Jones

Need may seem like too strong of a word for a pergola, but it may just be the answer to some of your lawn problems. In a time when water resources are drying up, people are turning more and more to hardscaping solutions. A pergola offers you several distinct advantages. 

Lawn Reduction

You can use a pergola in the garden, the backyard, or as a stunning entryway to your home. Since a pergola is a series of arches linked together, having one lead visitors into your home significantly reduces the amount of lawn you have to maintain. In fact, you can surround the pergola with a patio area created from stamped concrete or other material, effectively hardscaping your entire front lawn. You will have a lovely focal point for your home, and you'll save yourself work and water. 

Flower Garden

When done correctly, a pergola functions as a free form garden. Traditionally, you plant climbing vines such as honeysuckle, trumpet vine, and clematis around the pergola. Soon you have an entrance that is bursting with blooms that offer cooling shade and a delightful scent. You can also line the pergola with flower boxes planted with both annuals and perennials. The right combination of plants can keep your pergola blooming for at least three seasons, depending on the climate where you live. You can have hardscaping convenience without giving up living plants. 

Exterior Help

If your home's exterior needs attention, but you aren't ready to invest in new siding, a pergola may be the answer. Having one allows you to disguise these problems. Everyone's eye will be drawn to the entryway, and less attention will be paid to the rest of your home. If you decide to put a pergola in the backyard, you can use it to disguise lawn areas that refuse to thrive. Maybe the grass does not grow well near the pool, or you have a marshy place. You can also use it to "frame" your garden. A pergola can dress up just about any weak spot in your lawn.

If you consider all the advantages of a pergola, you will realize that you actually need one. This piece of hardscaping can save you time and water. It can also hide a number of exterior problems.  In addition, you can still highlight your green thumb. If you have questions, consult your local landscaper, like one from Design Scapes of Manasota Inc, with help designing your very own pergola.