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Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Hello, I am Monica Grimbles. I recently tore up all of the grass outside of my home to create a fully edible landscape. The ability to eat all of the plants growing in my garden helps my family's journey to self-sustainability. After all, relying on the supermarket may not always be an option. Even if it is, the food you grow in your yard just tastes and feels so much better. I also like that I do not have to tend the grass to keep the yard green. I change out the plants each year to keep the yard looking fresh and renewed. I will share my plant selections, planting techniques and tools on this site to help others create an edible landscape. I will also discuss all of the ways our professional landscaper helped out with this fun project. Please come back soon.

Exploring Edible Landscape Designs

Things To Consider Before Landscaping Your Yard

by Eugene Jones

Landscaping your property is more complex than simply planting a few flowers and bushes. A good landscaping design will complement your home and add interesting visual appeal to your yard. If you're not very good at decorating, or if you aren't good with plants, it can be very challenging to create an attractive landscape design and maintain the plants properly. Whether you hire a landscape designer, or do it yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Start With A Plan

Decide how to divide your yard according to how your family uses it. If you have kids or big dogs, you may want a large section of the backyard to be only grass, so they have room to run and play. You may want the play area centered around shade trees, but if you plan to have a vegetable garden, you'll want it in full sun. Draw a map of your yard and section off the play area, vegetable garden space, grilling and picnic area, walkways, flowers, bushes, trees, and anything else you desire such as a rock garden or water fountain.

Watch The Sun

Before you choose the plants and flowers for your yard, you'll need to know what parts of your yard get sun and shade. If you haven't lived in your home for very long, you may have no idea where the best sunny locations are during various seasons of the year. While the south side of your home usually gets the most sunlight, other factors come into play as well. Trees on your property or your neighbors' homes and trees could block sun in an area you want to plant flowers. You should pick plants that match the amount of sunlight available, if you want them to be lush and healthy. Some need full sun while others thrive in partial sunlight or shade. You may need to watch your property over a period of several months to get a good feel for how sunlight moves across your yard.

Understand How Plants Grow

You can't pick plants for your yard based solely on their appearance. You may have a favorite type of flower you would love to grow around your home, but first you need to understand its needs and lifespan. Besides the right amount of sunlight, plants also have specific requirements for water and soil nutrients. You can't treat all plants the same way. Plus, you should also consider the growth rate. Plants in a grouping should all grow at the same rate to maintain symmetry. You could also time the plant growth, so something is always in bloom, rather than letting all the color in your yard die off at the end of summer.

The biggest benefit of understanding how plants grow is that it helps you choose varieties that match the amount of work you plan to devote to your yard. If you pick the right plants, you won't have to give them much care at all. This is good if you want a beautiful landscape, but hate working in the yard. On the other hand, if you love working on flower gardens and spending time on yard work, then you may enjoy planting flowers that need constant care to stay healthy. Since there is so much to understand before you undertake a property makeover, it might be best to consult with a landscape designer like ScenicView Landscapes first. That way you'll get knowledgeable advice on the best plants to buy to achieve the results you want.